ESCORT 2 ALL Convertible top

Die Escort II ALL Bauj. ab 8.90 Verdeck-Aussenhaut wird in PVC oder Stoff geliefert. Das Schnittmuster ist Beispielhaft gut ausgearbeitet.
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You are looking for a convertible top for Escortt 2 MK4 ALL?

Here your are right… Any questions regarding your convertible top, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Converible tops for Ford Escort 2 till construction year 08/1990.

  • The tops are ready for assembly. No need for sewing.

  • Deliverable in synhtetic or natural material.

  • This convertible top is produced accurate to the original convertible top This convertible top is produced accurate to the original convertible top.

  • During fabrication of the convertible top we pay attention to the accurate measures of the aged pattern.

  • The material selected and our modern comforts for methods of fabrication (computer cut, highfrequent welded closured welds) secure a lond lifetime of your new convertible top.

  • The fitting of your new convertible top for the Escort 2 is according to balanced stress distribution optimal

  • In long years of assenbly in our factory and with our clients fitting of our tops are fully developed.

  • On your request we send a Colour pattern
    All kind of colours you will find above

  • Our hotline will give support during self-assembly.
    On your request we will perform the assembly
Since 1983 we produce Tops or Cabrios for private clients , Car importers and car producers.
As a German Producer (15 employees) it is our requirement to deliver best material quality and best workmanshift.

Our requirement is best quality and best price.
Therefore: Best products must not be expensive. This is cofirmed by our clients
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