FORD STREETKA Convertible top

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You are looking for a convertible top for Ford Street Ka?

Here your are right…
Any questions regarding your convertible top, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Converible tops for Street Ka from construction year 2003

  • The material selected and our modern comforts for methods of fabrication (computer cut, highfrequent welded closured welds) secure a lond lifetime of your new convertible top.

  • The production of our tops become permanently checked regarding the best methods in order to guarntee the lifetime of convertible tops.

  • This convertible top is produced accurate to the original convertible top. The lateral reinforcements on the door are welded together, the seam is not visible.

  • In preparing the Street ka convertible tops, care is taken to ensure compliance with the exact measurements for the Streetka convertible top. The fit of our Streetka convertible tops, is fully developed by the many assemblies in our factory and our customers.

  • In order for the best fit and the high reliability during installation of your new Streetka convertible top is guaranteed.

  • The convertible top Streetka is ready to install, you do not sew.

  • The film window in your new Street KA convertible top is from the same film window material as that used in the original hood.

  • The film window is tightly sewn and through a special process completely waterproof.

  • Above the doors a water drop chute is incorporated in order to drain any rain drops from the roof when boarding the vehicle.

  • Color samples for your convertible top Streetka we will send you on request.
The color variations can be found at the top of the material / color selection.
When installing your Streetka Cabrio roof helps our hotline free installation on the phone
... or ask for the installation options.

Since 1983 we produce Tops or Cabrios for private clients, car importers and car producers.
As a German Producer (15 employees) it is our requirement to deliver best material quality and best workmanshift.

Our goal is to provide best quality at a very low price.
Therefore: Best products must not be expensive. This is cofirmed by our clients.

Another About Your Streetcar Roadster:

According to our research of the Streetka roadster was built from 2003 to July of 2005. It was a development Ghia in Italy on behalf of Ford.

This roadster Streetka is well developed independently based on the Ford company, but you should not be regarded as convertible Ford KA.

Whis Streetka the chassis compared to the Ford KA was modified. It approximately 37,000 car were built.

The roof of the Streeca Roadster has remained the same over the years, although there was a model change in 2005. These included more of the interior and some functional changes.