• Our Mercedes tops are manufactured in the best quality.

  • The good fit of our Mercedes tops is backed by computer cutting and quality control The assembly ability of your new Mercedes convertible top is ensured by continuous monitoring.

  • Our convertible tops are ready sewed, also for self assembly The tops of our house are designed as the original.

  • Thus, the car remains as the original. The top fabric is, like your Mercedes convertible, made of three-layer top fabric Dralon.

The self assembling of your new Top for your Mercedes top will be supported by our Hotline free of charge to you.
As per your request we will perform the assembly.

Since 1983 we produce Tops or Cabrios for private clients , Car importers and car producers. As a German Producer (15 employees) it is our requirement to deliver best material quality and best workmanshift
Therefore: Best products must not be expensive. This is cofirmed by our clients.