Mitsubishi Pajero V20 Convertible top

Mitsubishi Pajero V 20 deck.
Two piece in PVC or cloth like Sonnenland, front- and backdeck separated, Pajero-deckfrontpart is a fold sliding roof and the deckbackpart is a folding top. The deck has cabriowindows out of foilsglas.
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1.090,00 EUR

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The vehicle Pajero V20 was sold as of vintage 1990. The deck consists of two parts, whereat the frontpart excuted as an fold sliding roof. The backpart of the Pajero V20 deck has an uncaseable sideparts and a rollable backwindows. The Pajero-V20 deck is deliverable in PVC and cloth. The colors of the foilsglas can be delivered in clear, green or grey. You can order the front- or backpart of the Pajero V 20 deck separartely.