Porsche 944 Cabrioverdeck

Posrche 944 convertible top, 944 Porsche convertible top
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High-quality Porsche 944 convertible top:
Perfect fit and timeless design
Experience the incomparable combination of quality and reliable workmanship with our Porsche 944 convertible top. Developed for model years 1981-1991, our two-piece convertible top with large rear window offers the perfect solution for discerning Porsche drivers.

Features of our convertible top:
Highest quality: we attach great importance to quality and use only high-quality materials for our Porsche 944 convertible top, which correspond to those of the original top of your Porsche 944. The window quality and the soft top fabric have been carefully selected to ensure a long-lasting and attractive appearance.
True-to-original design: Our convertible top is modeled on the original down to the smallest detail. With a precise fit, our product meets the highest standards and preserves the authentic appearance of your Porsche 944.
Easy installation: Thanks to computer cutting, simple and safe installation is guaranteed. Our convertible top is supplied ready-stitched and is also suitable for self-assembly. If you have any questions or problems, our free installation hotline is available to offer you support if required.
The soft top fabric is the same as that chosen for your original Porsche soft top.
The Prosche 944 soft tops are designed like the original.
Monitoring during production for your Porsche 944 soft top ensures good quality.
Your new convertible top for Porsche 944 is produced for safe top installation.
The good fit of our soft tops for all Porsche models is guaranteed by computer cutting.
The soft tops for Porsche 944 from our company are ready sewn for your soft top installation.
All of our soft tops are also suitable for self-assembly...
With our help if you wish
Our installation hotline will help you install your soft top free of charge by phone at ....
... or ask about the installation options, also at our premises.
Our aim is to provide the best quality at the lowest possible price.
That's why: the best goods don't have to be expensive; our customers confirm this.
About us:
We have been producing high-quality convertible tops for various car brands, including Porsche, since 1983. As a renowned manufacturer in Germany with many years of experience and a dedicated team of 15 employees, we are proud to be able to offer you the best quality and first-class customer service.

Discover a familiar driving experience with our Porsche 944 convertible top and enjoy the quality and timeless design of our products. Contact us today to order your convertible top or for more information. We will be happy to help you!