Porsche Boxster Convertible top 986-2004

Porsche Boxster 987 Cabrioverdeck, Cabrio-Verdecke Boxster 987, hochwertig und günstig. BJ 2004-2009

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  • Boxter convertible tops, series 986 model years 1996 to 2004
  • The top fabric and the quality of the film window, has been selected as your Porsche Boxter convertible top.
  • As window colors are available for your 986 Boxter convertible top, green, colorless or gray choice.
  • The default window color for the Porsche Boxter 986 convertible tops is green.
  • The Boxter convertible tops from our workshop is designed like the original.
  • The good fit of our convertible tops for Porsche Boxter are guaranteed by computer controlled cutting.
  • The Porsche Boxter convertible from our house is ready sewed, for your top mounting.
  • The monitoring of individual production steps during production ensures the good quality.
  • We assemble in our company for our customers again this Porsche Boxter convertible top.
  • For that reason why your new convertible top for Porsche Boxter is produced for a safe roof installation.
  • All convertible tops from our company are suitable for self-assembly
  • ... On your request with our support.

  • The color variations can be found at the top of the material / color selection.
When assembling your Porsche convertible top our hotline will support you free of charge...
... or ask for the installation possibilities.

Since 1983 we produce convertible tops for Convertible customers, dealers, vehicle importers and vehicle manufacturers.

As a manufacturer in Germany with 15 employees is the best quality in material andprocessing our daily performance. Our aim is best quality at really low price.

Therefore: Best product has its price, but need not be expensive, this is confirmed by our customers.

  • The convertible top is up to small changes in this model the same.
  • You will receive a Boxter convertible top after the recent changes section.
  • Therefor all experiences of the whole production series are incorporated.
  • The tension response of the Boxter convertible top from our home are so developed that the wind noise is kept to a minimum.
  • As window foil only the approved film is used which was also used in series production.
  • The respective registration number is stamped on the window.
  • The Porsche Boxters model to fit this convertible top, is known by his drawn toward the center of the body headlamps.
  • The following model, the 987 was the headlights of the 911 model.
  • It is the first generation of Porsche model. In total approximately 109 000 vehicles were built.
  • The Porsche Boxter was built in the years 1997 to 2004 in Finland at the company Valmet.
  • The convertible top Boxter 986 thus bears the unmistakable mark of this company. Although the top was developed at Porsche.
  • A part of the total production was also produced in Stuttgart, to acknowledge the S in the VIN.