VW Golf 3 Top

Golf3 Convertible Top, Golf4 Tops, good prize
  • The good fit of the Golf3 hood is secured by computer cutting and quality monitoring of these GOLF 3 tops.

  • Your Golf 3 top is ready sewed delivered to you.

  • Also, self-assembly, on your request with our support.

  • Our Tops for Golf 3 are very reliable in top quality and top mounting.

The Golf 3 models were built from 1993 onwards.
As of 1998, the model Golf 4 was offered. This differs only by a modified Front and rear sections.

This Golf 3 Cabrio model was produced until 2002 in the considerable number of about 171,000 units.

In golf 3, the use of the cover is no longer required.
Except for the last few years the Golf 3 convertible top was only produced in PVC roof material.
We offer the Golf 3 convertible top mainly in convertible top fabric.

Until 2002, all generations of the Golf Cabrio were produced at the company Karmann in Osnabrück.
This company is now released and extinguished after a bankruptcy.
There is no direct successor of Karmann tops.
The roof area was taken over by the company Valmet from Finland 2010 and in Osnabrück continued, but not by the name of Karmann.
The end of this production is announced.
A top producer Karmann in Osnabrück no longer exists, even if from a top Retrofitters in Osnabrück this impression is to be awakened.

The Golf 3 Cabriolet Convertible is a very popular even today.
For this reason, we make sure to always produce a very high quality convertible top for Golf 3 models for you.

The Golf 3 Canopies are made that you can also be mounted by a non-expert. When self-assembling, we support you, not least through sophisticated production methods. You can request a written installation instructions.
The telephone installation help is available for the installation of the products we Golf 3 Cabrio convertible top unlimited.