Volvo C70 Convertible top

Volvo C70 convertible top
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The Volvo C70 convertible top in the special class.
Valid for all versions of the Volvo C70 convertible.

  • The Volvo C70 convertible top is custom made, it no longer needs to be stitched.

  • We produce the convertible top as the original Volvo C70 convertible top.

  • The transverse seams for enhanced hoop connections are not visible when our Volvo C70 convertible top from the outside. So this seam can not be injured by mechanical effects. The risk of a leak eliminated by our method of production.

  • The seam on the right and left, which runs from front to back is double sewn and additionally welded. In this triple editing one sees no external stitching (like the original Volvo C70 convertible top).

  • The front edge of the roof is carried out at the corners in the form of a bag. The positioning of the Volvo C70 convertible top is simplified and improved the adhesive strength. The front edge is sufficient after sticking up under the rail of the front rubber seal. Characterized a mechanical fixing is achieved at the roof front edge.
Top bands / straps
  • The straps that are attached underneath the top skin should be replaced with a top exchange with. These top bands or straps help much when folding in the Volvo C70 convertible top in the top compartment. If the hood is not supportive by the top foil and carefully folded, the roof skin is abraded in the vicinity of the rod joints. The old roof has to use in the right places wrinkles that need no longer be supported by the top straps. That's when a new Volvo C70 convertible is not the case.
Rear window:
  • The rear window glass is reused by your Volvo convertible top. On request, we stick to you this disc into your new convertible top. For this post, the convertible top of your Volvo C70 to us. If you want it, we can make the top pick from the parcel to you. It is perhaps the easiest and perhaps cheapest of the disk swap. The price of the bonding we call you to request. The duration of the exchange plate is in our house two days. Then your new Volvo C70 convertible top is your top plate ready for installation on its way to you.
Rear seam:
  • Similar to the original Volvo C70 convertible top of the rear seam is reinforced with a plastic strip.
  • All reinforcements inside are adapted to the original Volvo C70 convertible top.
  • The top material corresponds to the initial of this Volvo C70 convertible top.

  • The chosen materials guarantee the long life of this convertible soft top for the Volvo C70. When you consider that the fastest Volvo Convertible reaches 240 km / h, you have no room for maneuver in choosing the top fabric. A stretchable top fabric would have unwanted effects. The hood gets louder.

  • The fit of our Volvo C70 convertible tops is very mature through the years of production and assembly in our house and with our customers.

  • A sophisticated pattern can very reliably perform the assembly of the Volvo C70 convertible top.

  • All lines of canopy shape are optimized for a beautiful appearance.

  • All components of our convertible tops are designed for a long service life.

  • Color pattern for your Volvo convertible top we will send you on request.

  • The color variations can be found at the top of the Color Picker.
When installing a Volvo C70 convertible top helps our Assembly hotline for free on the phone...
... or ask for the installation possibilities.

Since 1983 we produce convertible Tops for Cabrios for private clients , Car importers and car producers. As a German Producer (15 employees) it is our requirement to deliver best material quality and best workmanshift.
Our aim is best quality at the lowest possible price.
That's why: Quality has its price, but the best goods need not be expensive, which confirm our customers
... we want you to take pride in your hood.

The Volvo C70 Convertible is a successful convertible on the platform of the Volvo 850. It was built as the first open Volvo after the P1900, from 1997, came in 1999 in Germany in the sale.

The New Volvo C70 was available from 2006 onwards. This vehicle was equipped with several improvements. These usually had impact on vehicle safety and the pedestrian.

Inside, the cabin has been improved by head airbags and side impact protection. Outside the front window of the Volvo C70 was more inclined. The ride comfort was but rather comfortable.

A special cick was his time that the top after opening, despite also heated glass, completely disappeared under a fixed cover at the rear. This creates the Volvo C70 convertible top within 30 seconds.

The top rod of the Volvo C70 is very robust compared to other convertibles. Small defects that occur over time with frequent use can be particularly ignored confidently for cost reasons.

The function of the convertible top mechanism has been restricted in a Volvo C70 convertible. One must also bear in mind that a repair of the boom because of high industrial production, is almost impossible.